Nedro Klaw

Nirrod ta dókh de Sogre

Our "Hero", headstrong and clever. Nirrod is the typical 14 year old rascal of the village. His magic, which he is studying under Master Moshr (also being called Grandpa), is on a minor level. Playing cards however (especially the game of "Persch") suits him quite well and he is, at least in that domain, on a excellent level. His best ability are his social skills.....he can make friends easily.

Riaud ta dókh de Sogre

Nirrods little brother is, in contrary to his sibling, of a considerate and reasonable nature, using his childish charm often to his advantage. Which works for example quite well on his mother, when Riaud wants to get the better of his brother. He hasn't got it quite easy, being the younger one. They squabble almost whenever they can, small quarrels are at a daily routine. But aside of that, there is a special link between the both of them.

Sogre ta dókh de Toran

The father of Nirrod and Riaud, he has the honourable position as the leader of the Nedro Klaw clan. The people in the village respect him thoroughly....although he 's often having one over the eight. Their trust in him is indestructible. He has proven himself in numerous conflicts which has been around the village. Since it is the largest trading point with an own harbour in the north, it generates a certain interest.

Lisra ta dókh de Ruvën

Mother of Nirrod and Riaud, she enjoys the same status as Sogre. Her decisions have the same importance and weight as those of her husband. Although she looks very charming and nice as can be, she is a master in the weapon less martial arts, which makes her an excellent and dangerous combatant. Though, she actually prefers the soft way of communication and diplomacy.